othédivin-salondethé- toulouse-31-hautegaronne

othédivin-salondethé- toulouse-31-hautegaronne

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For lunch, enjoy the scenery and treat yourself to one of our formulas


The formula savory pie

You will be pleased by its variety. Salty pie of the day with a plate consisting of salad and raw vegetables in season, followed by your

 » Dessert Divin ».








The formula gratin scones

or the discovery

of the true British scones . Scones choice accompanied by a gratin dish consisting of salad and raw vegetables in season,

followed by your

 » Dessert Divin  »









The formula freshness

consists of one of the many salads to choose from as

 » La Divine  » which mixes subtly smoked salmon, salmon Gravelax house, citrus, fruits, vegetables in season and a few other surprises or even

 » La fantastique « composed exclusively of fruits and vegetables of the season, while still followed by his  » Dessert Divin « .






The formula dish of the day

Depending on the mood of the boss, rediscover the flavors of our grandmothers, this unique taste that was still in the mouth and despite the years. Enjoy a veal stew, a stew, or even a house made ​​sauerkraut all. Of course the formula is always accompanied by  » Dessert Divin « .




O thé divin

It’s even better in the afternoon



In the historic center of Toulouse, at any hour you can come relax and enjoy

 » Instant Divin ». The Divine is now a piece of cake along with a beverage of your choice.

Be guided by your senses and choose among the many tea or coffee of origin (Mocha, Brazil, Costa Rica …) available to you, or let yourself be seduced by one of the many smoothies, cocktails fresh fruit, coffee or iced chocolates.





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