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Check out some of our specialties according to production of the day …




The Banoffee

Shortbread with salted butter, milk jam,
thin slices of banana topped with whipped cream.




Crumble of the day

Apples, berries,
Rhubarb’s inspiration ….




The Framboisine

Raspberries ganache of dark chocolate
pastry and chocolate.




The Crispy Black

Shortbread with chocolate, caramel toffee topped heart
a dark chocolate ganache to pralins.



The Key Lemon Pie

The only recipe for lemon meringue pie from Florida !
Subtle and unforgettable.




The Red Fruits Pie

Authentic ! The real tart red fruit in old.




The Touchoco

The sublime chocolate cake.
Classic and timeless !




The Summer Pie

Ganache with white chocolate raspberry truffle
a crisp pastry.



The Croquantine Fruit

On a shortbread crust, a fruit mixture sprinkled
shortbread crumble way. Made with apples or pears
and chocolate or pineapple and bananas as the envy of the day.




Chocolate Infernal

Full-bodied chocolate fondant served warm !
Diabolical !



The Carrot Cake

The original recipe for carrot cake and cinnamon, served with a cream to orange in the traditional british.



Raspberry Pistachio

The combination of pistachio and raspberries on a cookie dough!
Subtle and delicate!



Paradise White

One of our specialties: A white chocolate ganache
pralins topped with whipped cream and vanilla on pastry.




The Chocobanane

The only chocolate cake with caramelized bananas and coconuts ..

Based divinely!



The Cake of the day

With lemon, almond, chocolate, caramel … Perfect with tea.




The Caramel Tart

On a shortbread with salted butter, caramel toffee fondant. Greedy to hope !

The Cheese Cake of New-York

The authentic American recipe with cream cheese,
made in different flavors: lemon, vanilla, strawberry, mango, raspberry or caramel.





We will be happy to present you our daily specials made ​​according to the season or the mood of the boss!


For any event to celebrate or simply for a meal with friends,

do not hesitate to order a cake to take away


To be ordered 48 hours in advance

One size (8/10 shares) ……………. 26 €


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