The tea is classified into three main groups : Black tea, green tea and semi-fermented tea




Black tea is a fermented tea, the leaves were placed in a circulating or a strong current of warm air combined with a humidity of about 95%. The game between hot air and high humidity combined with specific chemical reactions causes the oxidation of tea leaf that turns from green to copper brown. This is fermentation.





Green tea is a tea that has not undergone fermentation. Once picked, the tea leaves are heated for a short time and then dried to minimize moisture. The leaves do not change color and remain green.






The semi-fermented tea or Oolong tea is a tea that has undergone partial fermentation. The leaves are broad and winding of a color intermediate between green and brown.








The benefits of tea

The medicinal qualities of tea are common to all the families of tea :

Black tea, green or semi fermented.

Absorbed large quantities of black tea and green tea reduce cholesterol in the blood. Thanks to polyphenols, plant compounds they contain, it protects against cardiovascular disease.



O Thé Divin
This is more than 50 different varieties of teas.

Surprise you!

Kind of green tea to black tea your trip takes you through the teas such as "Grand Yunnan Imperial" from China or the "Russian Taste for seven citrus". Be surprised by the varieties of flavored teas such as "Tea of Apollo" that blends subtly rhubarb, strawberry, blueberry or more surprisingly, the sunflower. Finally the red teas are just as surprising, the "Spice Mix" provides amazing sensations. Feel free to ask us for this tough choice that is offered to you, we will be happy to advise you according to your taste and your mood!



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